Delos is more than a company.

Decades ago, a man had an idea as old as human ambition itself, that the only limit to progress is imagination. The ability to see a better world. Delos Inc. was formed from that goal and nothing else, because James had nothing else. He used to joke that where he grew up, having dreams was like fighting gravity. But he never lost faith that his dream could take off, and now Delos is more than a name. It’s a legacy.

We think of gravity as an unstoppable force, but really, it’s the curvature of the fabric of our universe. It’s our environment, our natural guard rails. James rode along its skews and contours and we haven’t slowed down since, rolling past physical limitations with technologies that reach people in every corner of the world.


Delos is about you. We’ve centered our entire mission around understanding you better. We use our diverse portfolio of cross-industry synergies to ask the right questions, manufacturing solutions to problems of everyday life.

We continue to believe in our Delos Destinations arm because we also understand that you are more than the sum of your daily routine. We’ve used our position at the forefront of biological engineering to print and code dream worlds that you can touch and feel. A place where you can escape yourself to know yourself. A freedom that exists only in your wildest dreams--and our parks.

Realizing your destiny is no small task. But forward progress, the kind that leaps and bounds, requires flexibility, focus and risk. You’ve put your faith in our vision of the future, and before you know it, we’ll be there.

Delos Inc.

James Delos, Founder

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